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We have a team of dedicated volunteer members of staff from across the Abbey Group and our office locations, who have committed to identifying and implementing specific solutions to help the Abbey Group operate in a more environmentally sustainable fashion. Our 'Green Team' continuously strive towards improvements on work practices that would best benefit our country, leaving as little carbon footprint as possible. 


  • Significantly reduced our paper usage in the office through our e-filing system


  • 100% of our printing is on recycled paper


  • 100% of our invoicing and payments / payslips are done electronically


  • Recycle waste materials – separating waste/toner cartridges reused by supplier.


  • Our waste collection provider is PANDA Waste who have previously been awarded with Repak’s Recycling Waste Management Company of the year awards.


  • Greater focus on e-marketing and electronic distribution of sales materials together with the use of IPADS for external sales activities


  • Our central office location was selected to facilitate the use of public transport / walking to work


  • We offer the Taxsaver tickets to promote public transport and offer the bike to work scheme


  • Our corridors and toilets are fitted with sensor lights.  Sensor lights are on all office floors.


  • Controlled heating throughout the buildings which automatically turns off between 7pm and 7am during winter / cold weather


  • We recycle unused office materials


  • We donate 2nd hand equipment to local schools and charities


  • We provide tea and coffee to all staff at their desks twice daily – this avoids the need for staff to get ‘takeaway’ tea/coffee products.  We use proper mugs.


  • We have water dispensers available for staff use – we encourage staff to use proper glasses or recyclable cups.


  • All of our cleaning products are eco-friendly and packaging is from recyclable material


  • We request that all our Dublin city couriers are on bicycles or are walkers.

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